Who are the truly rich among us?

Bags of food for the needy at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Stafford, VAI just had an interesting object lesson in charitable behavior. This Saturday morning I volunteered with our St. Peter’s Men’s Group to collect food for SERVE, a local food pantry that had to close its doors because they’d run out of food.  We stood in front of a Giant grocery store and asked people entering to buy non-perishable items to donate on their way out.  Many of the people driving Mercedes and other high end vehicles wouldn’t even look at us. The largest donation I received was given by an interesting couple–a large black woman and a skinny little white guy, both relatively young, who arrived pushing a rickety old bicycle. They donated two large armfuls of food, including water for us volunteers. They were homeless, living in a tent in the woods.  The guy said he’d been helped by SERVE a time or two but he could eat now because he was on food stamps. They could afford to miss a meal or two to help those who needed food more. They left with a tiny sack with their lunch.  Who are the truly rich among us?

Thank you Rich for sharing this story.


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