Property Team Meeting

St. Peter’s is looking for people would would like to help care for our church property. We will have a luncheon and meeting at 11:30 am on Sunday, March 10th to discuss the next steps for this ministry team. Please RSVP to Stacy Novak at or by text at 262-770-2479 so we know how much lunch to prepare.


Garden Help

Our church gardens are in great need of weeding, edging and mulching. Kristy Stone will be working in them the next 3 Fridays, from 8 am-10 am (weather permitting), and would welcome any help you have the time to give, at these times or any time you have available. Contact Kristy at kkstone@verizon,net if you have questions.

Thursdays in the Garden

Thursdays in the garden, 9:30am-11am.  Now that the heat of summer is gone we can weed, prune, divide & tidy up the gardens in preparation for winter.  Please join Kristy Stone if you have the free time, or feel free to do a little weeding on your own.  Also, if you have extra hardy plants of your own, feel free to drop them off.  Just let me know where you’ve put them!Kristy trimming

Recycling Guidelines

As part of our Energy Stewards Initiative, we would like to remind you of items that can and cannot be recycled at church.


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You May Recycle:

Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper products, plastic food and water containers label#1-#7, clear, green, and brown glass bottles and jars, soda, soup, and other cans. 

 You May Not Recycle:

Food soiled items, polystyrene peanuts or other packing materials, windows, drinking glasses, mirrors, and plastics that held hazardous chemicals like motor oil.