Quilt Auction

Quilt Auction June 9-17th. The three highest bidders will choose a quilt from those displayed in the sanctuary. All proceeds will help offset the cost of supplies. The remainder of the quilts will be donated to Lutheran World Relief and other local charities. The deadline for bidding is June 17th at 10:30am.Quilts

World Hunger Program

piggy-bank-968302__480The ELCA has a program for Lent to assist with their World Hunger program.  We would like to participate as a congregation.   We are asking everyone to please save your change at the end of each day.  On Easter Sunday, bring all of your coins to the church and place in the Easter Basket for World Hunger.   It’s amazing how fast the spare change can add up, and it can make such a difference in the fight against world hunger.    So please consider helping with this collection and have your kids participate too!

Note:   Please DO NOT put your coins in the collection plates on Sundays during Lent- save them up and bring them all on Easter Sunday.

Recycling Guidelines

As part of our Energy Stewards Initiative, we would like to remind you of items that can and cannot be recycled at church.


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You May Recycle:

Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper products, plastic food and water containers label#1-#7, clear, green, and brown glass bottles and jars, soda, soup, and other cans. 

 You May Not Recycle:

Food soiled items, polystyrene peanuts or other packing materials, windows, drinking glasses, mirrors, and plastics that held hazardous chemicals like motor oil.

Energy Stewards Webinar

The ELCA is hosting an Energy Stewards Webinar at 8 pm on April 21. This event will feature information about the church wide effort to become better stewards of our energy consumption and its impact on our environment. If you would like St. Peter’s to participate, please send an email to Stacy Novak,  contact the church office, or let church staff know of your interes

Buck A Chick is back!

BUCK A CHICK IS BACK FOR LENT!   During Lent, Sunday school children and other members can purchase and decorate this paper chick for themselves or in honor of friends and loved ones. Each chick costs only $1.00.The funds raised will benefit ELCA World Hunger and help provide families in need with chickens, other animals and the resources they need to escape hunger and poverty for good.  When they are just months old chickens begin laying eggs, which make nutritious meals for families who are hungry. The many extra eggs are often enough to allow a family to start a small business by selling them for additional income.    The purchased chicks will hang in a prominent spot in the windows of the narthex – let’s give up to give back!